A career in instructional design demands one to be a life long learner, tinkerer, and troubleshooter. In both my professional and academic experience, I have learned to fearlessly pursue new technologies. This mindset has allowed me to accrue a growing list of applications and skills that give me the confidence to tackle any instructional design challenge that comes my way.

  • Colorado Department of Education
  • Colorado School of Mines
  • Internship
  • The Breakaway Group/A Xerox Company
  • University of Colorado Denver


Click on the plus icons in the above images to learn more about my work at each company.

Skills used at Colorado School of Mines:

  • Faculty Collaboration in Course Builds
  • Edtech Course Supplementation
  • Faculty Coaching
  • Course QA Reviews
  • Canvas LMS Maintenance

Skills used at the University of Colorado Denver:

  • Graduate Course Facilitation
  • Course Evaluation
  • Faculty Coaching
  • Edtech Course Supplementation
  • Canvas LMS Maintenance

Skills used at the Colorado Department of Education:

Skills used at Project C.U.R.E:

Skills used at The Breakaway Group/A Xerox Company:

*This is not an exact work excerpt, but a similar example found online to give an idea of the type of simulations I created.