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Greetings! I am an online learning experience designer in higher ed, which requires skill in instructional design, educational technology, and relationship building/maintenance. Full disclosure, my portfolio is always under construction, between making sure it’s using an accessible template, posting new samples, and/or rethinking the site’s design and experience. This speaks to the nature of learning design: it’s a continuous improvement process.

I rely on self-guided professional development, the  elearning community, and a masters degree in Information and Learning Technologies to stay abreast of educational research and innovation.


Pedagogy / Learning Strategy
Graphic Design
eLearning Authoring
HTML Editing
Educational Tech Integration
LMS Administration



I’ve enjoyed working with Susannah on multiple online course builds over the past few years. Her collaborative nature and valuable insights made the work enjoyable, productive, and together, we've created quality, interdisciplinary learning experiences for students. The first course, Data Structures, has received extremely positive feedback and is becoming a Computer Science staple with growing enrollment each semester. The second course, Introduction to Data Science, will be launching for students this fall. I am extremely appreciative for her wisdom, organizational skills, and efforts. I would highly recommend her for work in any related area!
Dr. Wendy Fisher Assistance Department Head of Computer Science
I'm completing the final steps to launch a new online graduate program this fall. Through this long and strenuous development process, Susannah has been to me both a pedagogy mentor and online instruction guru. She is patient, insightful, and very well organized at both a strategic and tactical level. I have appreciated her good humor and exceptional skill at listening... she always makes me feel like my priorities are her priorities. I'm excited about the quality of the program we will launch this fall, I know Susannah's contributions have made a critical difference.
Dr. Athony Petrella Director, FEA Professional Certificate
Susannah is a phenomenal partner and teammate! Her skills in the online area of education are broad and deep. She does an excellent job guiding course creators, helping them put their mark on things but also ensuring that they meet the standards needed for a quality course. She does this all this kindly and via humor, but with a firm hand. I would highly recommend her and her abilities to anybody looking for help in the online educational world!!
Dr. Jennifer Miskimins Department Head at Colorado School of Mines
I worked with Susannah during the development of several of my online classes at the Colorado School of Mines. Susannah was an excellent coach and instrumental in helping to bring out key course design elements. My classes were some of the first to be designed for the online program at CSM. Working with me and other professors Susannah helped grow remote online program at CSM from zero to a vibrant program with online offerings across the entire university. These are not in-person classes with thin layer of online design, but built for online education from the start. Susannah's course design practices bring out the best from the educators she coaches. Working with Susannah was a delight, which I would gladly do again at the next opportunity.
Dr. Chris Dreyer Associate Director of Engineering at Center for Space Resources Assistant Research Professor, Mechanical Engineering


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