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Y Unlikely Story of Grief

An Unlikely Story of Grief


As morbid as it sounds, I found comfort in hearing others’ stories of death and loss. The Living Room weaves together human nature, intrigue, layers of love, and the eminence of death through the personal story of a spying New Yorker. The anonymous setting of the story allowed Diane to give a tell-all interview of the tragedy she viewed through her neighbors’ curtain-free windows. Diane shares her grief and the understandable human desire to see how the couple handled death over the course of a year.

First Story Critique: The Living Room

I chose three traits from Jason Ohler’s rubric to critique this story, but I did not give a score. Keep in mind this was my first stab at story analysis, so my analysis was more subjective.

  1. Presentation
  2. Originality
  3. Pace & Economy

Peer Review Participation:

Jason Dunbar was the first to post a peer review of my story. I found his insight valuable, while debating his music suggestion.