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Trainings & Presentations

Slides for a New Hire Orientation

Instructor-Led New Hire Orientation

I facilitated a new hire orientation in-person training where all the participants were given laptops to get setup on various systems. I’ve recreated the onboarding presentation given that the original company slides are proprietary. My replication doesn’t have the exact information, but provides an example of the standup training that did weekly for all our new hires. Over time, I could anticipate student pain points and adjust the material for more and more efficiency.

Slides for a Sales Training

Instructor-Led Sales Training

I also facilitated an in-person sales training focused on selling mobile phones. Product and network knowledge were critical for closing the sale. After walking through the cell phone features and specifications, I asked folks to role play. Even though it makes most folks cringe, it’s one of the best ways to practice selling and gaining confidence as a salesperson. The sales training slides were recreated to mitigate proprietary information on the original company slides. are proprietary. My replication provides a sample of a sales training, which could be altered for varous industries.

Slides for Teaching UDL & Online Affordances
Facilitation map for the UDL & Online Affordances training.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

I designed and developed customized training for the Van Andel Institute. I facilitated VLT on Universal Design Learning (UDL) and Online Affordances for soon-to-be science educators. The VLT was based upon the following learning outcomes:

  • Use the UDL guidelines and consider ways you could offer more flexibility in the way you present content, the way students engage in learning in your course, and the way they are assessed.
  • Select and describe 1 of the UDL guidelines you will use to create more flexibility, student engagement, or varied assessment in online learning.
Slides and Recording on Accessibility

Webinar on Creating Accessible Content

I participated in a professional development through Penn State’s ID2ID Program. My team of four decided to learn how to create digital content that can be read by a screen readers. Our final project culminated in a accessibility webinar hosted by the Pedagome ID Community with a guest speaker from the Blind Institute of Technology.

ID in Higher Ed by Susannah Simmons

Virtual Presentation for Graduate Students

I was part of an advisory board for the development of a master’s program in instructional design at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. Through this connection, I was asked to speak to the soon-to-be instructional design graduates about my ID work in higher education. The presentation focused on what graduates could expect if they chose to pursue ID work in higher education versus a corporate setting.

Slides for teaching Canvas LMS proficienc
Canvas 101 Handout
Companion handout for students building towards Canvas LMS proficiency

Instructor-Led Software Training

At the Colorado School of Mines, I designed, developed, and taught learners how to use the newly implemented Canvas LMS. In the training, I scaffolded the activities by first demonstrating a task, then walking around the room to answer questions as learners followed the same steps to complete the task on their own.