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The Right Design Solution Isn’t Always the Most Glamorous One

For my instructional design internship, I worked with the nonprofit, Project C.U.R.E. in the analysis and planning of a warehouse operations manual. It was a bit of a reality check after steeping in an educational technology master’s program where creativity is king. In the real world, practicality rules. However, I must say a job well planned and done is highly satisfying.

Although an operations manual was not my first choice for real world experience, I relished the opportunity to work with Denise Farrar. She has her doctorate in instructional design and I managed to pick her brain on our industry whenever possible. Denise’s management of the massive project from an instructional design perspective was both practical and inspiring.

To learn more about my experience, check my internship website below. The internship report details my experience from start to finish.

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