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Z – Joyous Coffins ???

Fantasy Coffins

The Fantasy Coffins story offered a new lens for refracting sadness to joy in my exploration of grief. I was curious how such beautiful works of art might affect one’s experience of loss. With such brilliant colors and amazing craftsmanship, I imagine the ceremony to be quite a celebratory send-off into the afterlife versus a somber slinking away. In Ghana, it’s almost like the community is saying, “May all the positive actions you accomplished in this life, carry-over and continue to grow in the next life.”

Fourth Story Critique: Fantasy Coffins

I critiqued this story based upon three traits from the Lankshear and Knobel’s Appendix: Some popular everyday remix practices. Again, I did not assign values to the traits, but I began to adapt the traits to fit my topic. Instead of “Translating an enjoyed narrative from medium to another,” I remixed the trait to woodworking over narrative.

  1. Translating an enjoyed woodworking art from one medium to another
  2. To maintain social relationships with friends and others
  3. For commercial entertainment purpose

Peer Review:

This story critique racked-up eight comments, which was a record high for my blog. In the comments, I learned more about my peers, Emily, Mitchell, and Lee’s personal lives, as well as their thoughts on what they might want to be buried in.