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Graphics & Guides

Denver CASA Infographic

Denver CASA Infographic

I summarized complex information in an infographic that also raised awareness on the variety of volunteer opportunities at the Denver Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) office. Julie Wilson, the Denver CASA public relations coordinator, explained that they were losing potential volunteers who could not commit as much time needed to be a traditional CASA volunteer. Ms. Wilson and I decided that an infographic demonstrating all possible volunteer opportunities would be a useful tool. My design decisions are addressed in my design document, Denver CASA Volunteer Opportunities.

Research Project Infographic

Althea Center Infographic

In my master’s program, I worked on an action research paper with two classmates on the topic of art across multiple settings. My area of study was music in a spiritual setting. During my scholarly critiques, I learned my research data, figures, and tables were cumbersome and hard to understand. The infographic was designed to easily and quickly convey the results of my study to the participants and stakeholders. The full Group Song Participation paper is viewable at Action Research: Engaging with Art Across Multiple Settings. 

Snapshot of Internship Deliverables

Standards Guide and Operations Manual for Project C.U.R.E.

For my Project C.U.R.E. internship, I worked with a team of interns and staff to create an operations manual (OM) that defined best practices for all five warehouses. My experience in instructional design allowed me to work on bigger picture planning such as the manual’s template, job aids on its maintenance, a style guide, and an amendment process to ensure consistency and sustainability. I also researched and selected a new learning management system (LMS) to meet the organization’s low-cost, scalable, and measurable needs. I created a Project C.U.R.E. Internship Website to demonstrate learning graphically convey all the deliverables created:

Guide to Canvas Blueprint Coures at Mines

Guide for using Canvas Blueprints

I created a guide for using the Canvas LMS feature called, Blueprints at a time where there was no information available from the vendor. Of course, now, there are plenty of tutorials on using this feature, but at one point in time my guide was at the top of the Google search engine. This guide helped instructors at the Colorado School of Mines decide if a Blueprint was a helpful tool for sharing Canvas settings across multiple versions of the same course. If they found it to be a helpful option, then further instructions showed them how to implement Blueprints. The guide is Canvas Blueprint Courses at Mines.