I am so glad to be taking Research in ILT with all of you. My e-learning background began with corporate training in telecommunications at Viaero wireless. From there I moved into instructional design, which prepared me for my next ID role in healthcare at The Breakaway Group. Both places had very straight-forward simulations and I found myself wanting to be a bit more creative in my work. This led to the decision to resign in order to pursue my ILT masters full time.

Diva Tri

As you can see in the above picture (last on the left), I am part of a triathlon team. On August 9, I competed in my first women’s triathlon. The Diva’s triathlon was in Longmont, Colorado and we had an absolute blast. My larger team consists of about 50 women and I am inspired by all of them. Janet, who is holding the bottle of wine, won her heat for 60+. It hope to still be that active when I am her age.

In my last class with Remi, Digital Storytelling, I spoke about my triathlon team. There was a huge learning curve when I first joined the team and this is true for all new experiences. In Digital Storytelling, there was a big learning curve, but after the first couple weeks, a pattern began to emerge. It was a great deal of work, but I was passionate about my theme for the course. My theme of grief carried me through the course and I can see how Remi is now priming our interests to pull us through our Active Research course.

My advice for first time learners with Remi would be to follow the schedule and trust that Remi knows what he’s doing. My previous class with Remi did not fully make sense until it was complete. There is a method to his madness and yes, he will demand a great of work, but I feel it is worth it. With my own advice in mind, I am really digging deep to find what interests will pull me through this course. I keep tweaking and honing my 15 preliminary research questions and statements.

  1. Where is Denver, Colorado’s water sourcing from and who monitors water rights?
  2. How are GMO crops affecting surrounding wildlife?
  3. Who is responsible for implementing more nature in modern architecture?
  4. What happens in the daily life of homeless women that stay at Universal Unitarian church once a month?
  5. Research how excessive materialism affects people today.
  6. How is racism still existing in today’s culture?
  7. What funding and agendas do the presidential candidates truly have?
  8. Learning how to belong in a group through effective communication.
  9. Design play for different tribes to mingle.
  10. How is social media affecting the lives of children/young adults in small towns across America?
  11. What decisions have been made in Englewood’s city planning?
  12. Research leadership in healthcare.
  13. Why is there so much participation in triathlons?
  14. Why are small towns drying up across America?
  15. Setting the stage for modern day agriculture and food demands on the planet.

My biggest concern is that I will not choose the right topic and this course will be much harder without an enthusiastic pull. I am also nervous about groups and guilds. What if no one has similar interests? Maybe I need to follow my own advice once again and trust that the right research topics will emerge though Remi’s deliberate research ideas exercise.

(Research Photo Credit: istockphoto.com/DrAfter123)