This week has been very interesting in that I had less work to do, but somehow, it felt like more. Perhaps I am just tired and awe-struck by the whole CU Digital Storytelling experience. Perhaps I am simply working to get my carcass across the finish line.

Having extra time to create a great final assignment, really haunted me. I kept wondering, “Is it good enough?”

Eventually I settled on, “Yes!”

I tend to work on a more emotional level and my assignment evoked such a response (at least a couple of my guinea pigs said it made them feel something). I am also proud to say that I gave this class my absolute best, while still living my life, navigating time crunches, moments of overwhelm, and shear confusion. I believe that’s the best anyone can do.

It has been a wonderful ride and I would recommend it to anyone with a passion for education.

Here is my week’s work:

Weekly Assignment Feminine Grief Transformed
L&K Response New Literacies Chapter 8 Review: Quest to Collaborate on Complex World Challenges
L&K Peer Responses 1 New Literacies Review (Ch. 8) – Social Learning in Education
L&K Peer Responses 2 Reading Response: New Literacies Chapter 8 – Social Learning in Formal Education