For my final grief-focused assignment in Digital Storytelling class at CU Denver, I decided to create a video that moves from images of grief, to an inner transformation, and ending with joy. The DS106 assignment (videoassignment1719), Paying Homage to What you Care About, was the perfect platform to merge soulful music with healing imagery.

Overall, I am very happy with the finished project. Of course, I wish the sizing and focus of some of the pictures were better, but I need to remember, I am still learning iMovie. Regardless of the quality, I still tear up when I watch it, so I believe the video will elicit an emotional response from the viewer.

Here is how I created the video:

1. Gathered images from the internet and compiled them on There were three Pinterest pages to match the three phases of the video: grieving women, healing through Patricia Ariel’s artwork, and images of joy.

2. Inserted all the images into a new project in iMovie, then set all slides at 3 seconds. After that, I deleted unclear or less captivating images until there was about 6 minutes of video.

3. Inserted the music. Intially I wanted Peter Gabriel’s I Grieve, but it was really long and I really wanted a female vocalist. After searching the internet for good songs for grieving, I was reminded of one of my favorites, Hallelujah sung by Jeff Buckley. Upon further searching I noticed K.D. Lang sang this masterpiece, orignially written by Leonard Cohen. I knew I found my song, so I bought it on iTunes then dragged and dropped it into iMovie.

4. Watched the movies over and over again to make sure it flowed nicely, tweaking it here and there. I ended up swapping a few images for those that were just too fuzzy.

5. Uploaded it to my Youtube account, making sure to give credit to the singer/songwriter and direct viewers to the Pinterest pages for all other photo credits.

This was a really fun project and I’m glad I went for what I truly wanted to do. I find myself realizing, again, just how much work a simple video can be. This five minute video probably took me anywhere from 6-8 hours of work.

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the grief journey.