I am glad to see all my Digital Storytelling work come together. It makes sense now, my portfolio will be a matter of selecting my choice stories on grief to create one grand learning experience. All the story critiques, literature responses, and DS106 daily creates and assignments have been worth the work.

For this last “regular’ week of class, I want to challenge myself to create my absolute best work. “What would be the best final assignment for my portfolio?” is the constant question running through my head. At this point, I am afraid to commit any one path, but I trust in my process.

It has been a joy to watch all my classmates grow alongside me. We feed off each other, which is what inspired this past week’s meetup polls. It’s shaping up to be the Ace Bar at 8pm MST on Tuesday 7/28/15. Aside from meeting new, like-minded folks, we could potentially form a great professional network for jobs, quick application tips, or whatever support is needed. I may be a little too far ahead of myself at this point, but I can certainly dream.

In regards to last week’s reflection from the hospital. Ben is well, back at home, and growing stronger every day.

Week 6 Work:

TDC 1 That Girl’s a Tramp
Story Critique 1 “Fantasy Coffins” Story Critique
Weekly Assignment Grieving Women Pinterest Board
L&K Response New Literacies’ Chapter 7: 80% “Pull” and 20% “Push”
Peer Story Critique 1 The Real Bears
Peer Story Critique 2 Uptown Funk/Jungle Love Remix – Digital Story Critique
L&K Peer Responses 1 Response to Lankshear and Knoble New Literacies: Chapter Seven
L&K Peer Responses 2 Reading Response: Lankshear and Knoble Chapter 7 – Social Learning
TDC 2 Moorhouse Inspired Movie Poster: Wizard of Oz