pinterest 2
Lately, I have been really interested in exploring women and loss as a new angle for my Digital Storytelling focal theme of grief. Pinterest is the perfect platform for gathering such images and tracking their sources for a larger creation such as a collage or video. I decided to remix the DS106 assignment from Create A Pinterest Board Of Your Dream Vacation to Create A Pinterest Board Of Your Larger Vision. My larger vision is a video showing a variety of grieving women set to music.

This week I racked my brain to gather all the images I could think of for both fictional and nonfictional famous females under duress. The New York Times article Who are the 2015 women of impact was also an excellent source for generating leads.

Originally, I planned to compile these images into a video for my next and final assignment. However, gathering only images of women feels a little limiting. I may have to expand my vision to include more cultures and images of men, women and children. Creating the pinterest board has allowed me to get a clearer picture of where I want my next assignment to go.