Joshua Wade Smith Faceplant,
(Photo Credit: Joshua Wade Smith)

What can I say? I had a rough time getting all my assignments completed this week and I feel like my quality was lacking. Of course, last week I said I was finding my groove, so I might have jinxed myself. I commented on my classmate, Alicia Hill’s tweet, “As I read New Literacies, I keep thinking, ‘Man I’m so far behind the game!'” I had a very Pollyanna response in that moment, saying, “Remember Maguma’s humble beginning? I think because you’re putting yourself out there and trying, you’re ahead of the curve.” Then I read another classmate, Kirk Lunsford’s response to our New Literacies text. He eludes to how Maguma has a passion to really learn new applications and master his art of fanfiction. Kirk then says, “But what about people or students that don’t have a deep passion to dive in and participate in read-write social practices? There can be fear of failure, lack of ability to be creative, and lack of skills necessary to engage in the social practices of remixes.” My Pollyanna demeanor faded and I really thought about my read-write social practices.

I am feeling like I do not have the mastery of Photoshop, iMovie, Camtasia that I desire. Let alone the time it to takes to deepen my understanding of these programs within this course’s timeline. My classmates are creating some really innovative DS106 Daily Creations and Weekly Assignments. Through them I can see where my technical skills lie and it entices me to improve.

Another issue  I am struggling with is my focal theme of grief. I question whether I should be writing my stories with a grieving audience in mind. Should I just keep going deeper and deeper into exploring my own grief? Should I try to show a change from grief into life after grief? It feels like a delicate line of exploring grief, but not wallowing in it. As well as intriguing the audience without depressing them. I trust I will find clarity in the next couple weeks.

Here is what I accomplished in Week 4.

TDC 1 My friend on the beach
Story Critique 1 The Microscopic Structure of Dried Human Tears
Weekly Assignment Promotional Meetup Poster: Finding Joy in Times of Grief & Loss
L&K Response Rate That API’s Purpose
Peer Story Critique 1 Tale of Momentum and Inertia
Peer Story Critique 2 Titanic 2: Jack’s Alive!?
L&K Peer Responses 1 New Literacies Review (Ch. 4) – Mash-ups and Remixes
L&K Peer Responses 2 Ed Reform Remix: A Response to Lankshear & Knobel Ch 4
TDC 2 Happy 4th of July