meetup flyer
As a function of this weeks design assignment, I maximized on an opportunity to create a dual-purpose promotional poster. There were a couple other assignments that I really wanted to create, but practicality won that battle. On one hand, I had a fun design assignment to complete for my CU Denver Storytelling class and on the other hand, the Althea Center, where I host the Meetup group, requested promotional flyers for members. Sometimes in a crunch, things just work out.

I recently started a Meetup group named Finding Joy in Times of Grief and Loss, which I have heard members describe as a sophomore experience to a traditional grief group. The meetup has attracted people who are grieving yet understand that both joy and grief can coexist. My first group had eight attendees from all walks of life, with differing stories of loss, and who all wanted to move on in their lives in a healthy way. I love this group and hope its growth will help those who would benefit from such a community.

This promotional poster was created in a flyer template of Microsoft Word. I altered the color scheme to match my existing Meetup page’s branding. Then I inserted content from my Meetup group and made sure to answer the who, what, when, where, and why of the group. Lastly, I made the overall product aesthetically pleasing through tweaking the layout and proportions.  I hope I accomplished the goal of drawing an onlooker’s eye to the poster.