I found my groove this week through enthusiasm for this course and maximizing on my productivity. My positivity stemmed from the guidance of the weekly screencast. I gleaned how to create better critiques, format my blog posts for a wider audience, and dive deeper into my viewpoint and experience. In my story critique, I sought out stories that interested me more, while supporting my focal theme. Both stories, My Mushroom Burial Suit and The Power of Vulnerability, embellish upon my focal theme of grief.
I began to format my critiques in a more user-friendly way: expecting the outside world to engage with my viewpoint. Coeio, the makers of the Mushroom Burial Suits favorited my critique. Having been anti-Twitter prior to this course, I am surprised by my delight. Perhaps I have found Twitter’s niche in my world.

It feels like this week really began to click for me. I truly appreciate the design of this course and love its immersion component. I responded to one of my peer’s New Literacies responses saying that I hope to design such a well-thought-out course one day.

I feel like I am studying with the great educators of my time.

Here is my week’s work:

TDC 1 From Where I Stand
Story Critique 1 My Mushroom Death Suit
Story Critique 2 Power of Vulnerability
Weekly Assignment The Grief Wheel
L&K Response Chapter 3: Leverage in Web 2.0 Business Models
Peer Story Critique 1 23 Feelings in Dance
Peer Story Critique 2 My Kid Would Never Bully…Or Would They?
L&K Peer Responses 1 New Ethos & Social Learning
L&K Peer Responses 2 Out with the Old, In with the “Old New”??
TDC 2 GNA Birthday Wish

hip hop movement

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