It feels good to have officially completed two weeks of CU Denver’s Digital Storytelling class, but I have to admit that I keep questioning myself. It reminds of dancing at a night club. I am a fantastic dancer in my living room, but on the dance floor, I am not quite sure what the rest of the world thinks. According to our readings in New Literacies, as long as I am able to connect with my fellow classmates and participate in this new literacy, my dancing style is working.
Probably the biggest challenge I glossed over before committing to this summer class, and yes, Remi you warned us, was time management. Of course I knew I would be very busy, but I forgot about a four-day vacation I planned beforehand, how much time it takes to prep my mother’s house for sale, and just the simple things like hanging out with friends on a nice summer’s day. This has forced an agility to begin growing inside me right now. It will be born of ruthless prioritization, geeking-out in digital storytelling, and striking a balance of work and play within screaming fast timelines.

The picture I have painted so far seems a little intense and perhaps whiny. However, I must say that I feel very alive. To have my portfolio steadily growing online feels amazing and I love learning from my classmates. My natural happy place is in creating, so even though the work is hard, it is incredibly gratifying. It is a good feeling to know I am in exactly the right master’s program for my abilities and passions.

(Photo Credit: Eadweard Muybridge)