Death’s Loophole

CS Grave with Dickinson 10in flattened
DS106 Visual Assignment

For my focal theme in Digital Storytelling at CU Denver, I decided upon grief. It’s what I know right now.

My mother passed from cancer of an unknown source this past February, to be exact it was February 11, 2015. She was diagnosed only a couple months before on December 20, 2014. By the time we found it, the cancer had metastasized throughout her lymph nodes, pelvic floor, and up into her lungs.

I truly believe the love we have is still very present and more real than this tangible world. Although, I miss her terribly, I find hope in this love. Storytelling is another way to keep her alive. Learning through Digital Storytelling is such a fitting course for me to take at this time.

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  • Dear Susannah,Today’s daily create, ‘send flowers to DS106 people,’ is for you!
    As you are processing grief through digital storytelling know you are not alone. Cancer also runs in my family and I have lost family members from this disease. Today my mother went to her cancer specialist (cancer free for 10 years now) to talk about ‘genetic research’ to share with the rest of my family. My cousin is in Houston right now going through chemo and stem cell routines to save his life. I hope the flower can remind you of the beauty and fleeting in life. This is from my garden today with fresh rain this morning in Denver, CO. Thoughts are with you as you heal and process grief.

    #DS106, #tdc1251, #Grief

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