Stories are Powerful

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We are wired for storytelling; hence my creation of this digital storytelling portfolio.

The first purpose of my portfolio is to explore grief and potentially offer perspective to those struck by grief. I am fascinated by grief, all the forms it takes, and how it works. Looking at grief through various stories and digital experiences, gifted me with deep healing.

The second purpose is to show how in the middle of my own grief of losing my mother, pursuing my masters in eLearning at CU Denver became an existential therapy. The digital storytelling class I signed up for required a focal theme to which I chose grief. Aside from loss, this portfolio expands upon the course pedagogy through the Digital Storytelling 106 (DS106) community, story critiques, scholarship responses, and peer feedback.

This portfolio is the natural progression and expression of the emotional response to grief, while blending-in the critical thinking of my Digital Storytelling class. Most every page begins with the grief component then ends with class components such as social media commentary, peer comments, or communication through new literacies. Keep an eye out for embedded links that provide another layer to the journey I am sharing.