This was my first “Daily Create” from DS106 as assigned per my Digital Storytelling class offered at CU Denver. The focus was creating an image by only using a single shape: oval being mine. I believe my image captures how I feel about embarking on the digital storytelling journey. If done right, embellishing a story with visuals, sounds, videos, and limitless other digital concoctions will enchant the audience.
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Hello world!

Simmons Susannah AB

Hello world! I’m Susannah and my craft is adult education.

I develop training resources and teach employees new skills on a wide variety of subject matter including improved sales, product studies, technical programs, customer-service protocol and company operations. Whether I am creating a new module, revising a presentation or creating a new job aid, I always have the end goal in mind.  Often times the bulk of my work is spent uncovering the company’s desired results for improved performance. My success with trainees is largely due to my ability to quickly assess different learner needs, set clear expectations, and create many opportunities for practice. My past 12 years of teaching in varied capacities gives me a unique and insightful perspective on developing meaningful curriculum. By combining all my skills in instructional design, teaching and presentation, I ensure knowledge retention and usage.