Sometimes it is important to revel in all that is beautiful, inspiring, and sweet in this life. I had been spending so much time in the sadness, it was time to start looking to inspirational images and to believe in healing.

DS106 Video Assignment

For my final assignment, I decided to create a video that moved from images of grief, to an inner transformation, and ending with joy. This five minute video probably took me anywhere from six to eight hours of work. The four main stages of production included first gathering images on Pinterest, next, inserting images in iMovie, then inserting the music, and lastly, uploading the video to Youtube.



Rainbow Twitter Connection:

The DS106 Daily Creates had an assignment to wish Dr. Nina Garcia a happy birthday. Her response was very sweet, welcoming, and gave me warm fuzzies. She shared Rainbow Connection with me, which is friend for life status. Who does not love Kermit the Frog?