Grief Meet Up

My grief groups were helpful, but I did not want to continue going only to cry for a full hour and a half. Deciding that joy could coexist with loss was the inception of my Finding Joy in Times of Grief and Loss meetup group. It attracted people from all walks of life, with differing stories of loss, and who all wanted to move on in their lives in a healthy way. I love this group and hope its growth will help those who would benefit from such a community.

DS106 Design Assignment

 I am huge fan of multi-purposing, so I maximized on an opportunity to create a dual-purpose promotional poster. It functioned as both my design assignment for the week, as well as the promotional poster for our venue at the Althea Center. The overall goal for the poster was to make it aesthetically pleasing in order to attract potential participants.

Larger Community Participation:

My Meetup group is steadily growing and my hope is it will become more and more collaborative. Everyone has been so generous with their time, stories, and supplies.