My eLearning Trends course with Brent Wilson provided a historical foundation for framing instructional technology today. I gained an understanding of emerging technologies, equity standards, and instructional system designs. Not only did we gain real world experience by working in project teams, all our collaboration occurred online since one of our teammates was overseas. As Sophia Burris and I would begin organizing and refining our ideas in the evenings, Elisabeth Gallagher joining us from Australia, was beginning her morning. We spent a great many hours working together and I enjoyed learning as a group.

The eLearning Family Tree walks through the emergence of elearning by personifying education technology as Ed, distance learning as Dee, and elearning as Elle. The premise was that Ed and Dee fell in love and married, which resulted in the birth of Elle. This humorous, yet historical story, takes into account the elearning is the product of the best qualities of learning technology and distance learning.

Christopher Smith also contributed to this project alongside Sophia, Elisabeth, and myself. To see the design decisions for this video please click here.

Our Mobile Gamification project consisted of both a paper and website that explored the future of elearning as two separate learning trends  – mobile learning and gamification – and discusses the potential of using the two trends together in a workplace setting. Through consideration of the affordances, limitations and adoption of each trend, an assumption was made about the future adoption of mobile gamification and best practices for its implementation are identified.

To read our Mobile Gamifcation paper click this link.