Soul Stories as a Modern Day Tribe

I’m a member of a Denver-based community called Soul Stories. We gather every other week to share genuine experiences and support each other on such topics as habits, vulnerability, and transformation. The group has more than doubled since it began in 2015.

I am creating a Soul Stories networked learning space (NLS) in the hope of extending our in-person discussions to a Google+ community. Expert Jeff Goin (2014) suggests: 

When you make your platform about other people, they’ll make it about you.

To heed Jeff’s advice, I decided to incorporate members’ input for designing the Soul Stories NLS. I created a poll and posted it to our Facebook community page. 

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So far, five people have participated in the poll and I’m hoping more will contribute within the week. The more I can engage members in the creation of our NLS, the more buy-in we will have for on-going group participation in the long run. 



Goins, J. (2014). Three Important Steps to Building a Killer Tribe. Retrieved March 16, 2016, from 


  • It is interesting that there are groups popping up throughout Denver that are bringing the old art of storytelling back to life. I have a friend who works with Denver Moth and she puts together shows where people just go and tell their stories in front of a crowd. It is kind of refreshing compared to television. Good luck with your PLN, I like your approach of asking your group what they want before you design it.

    • I’ll have to check the Denver Moth out Elizabeth. As the world becomes more reliant on social media for connection, I think it’s even more important to find ways to connect in person as well.

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