I have had the honor of building the Colorado School of Mines online program from the bottom, up. First we implemented Canvas as the campus-wide LMS, which was a transition from Blackboard. Then we began to develop our online standards, which were a mixture of Quality Matters and the Online Learning Consortium Scorecards. Next, and most importantly, we trained faculty in a five-week, asynchronous course, Engineering Online Learning, which addressed learning outcomes, assessments, learning materials, copyright, accessibility, and facilitation. Then faculty could begin the 12-week collaborative course design process with a focused, online learning experience designer such as myself. To make sure the course design did not fall flat due to poor facilitation, an online learning experience designer then coached and pointed out opportunities for community building to faculty during their live course. The final step, course debrief, was set up to document what the faculty thought went well and what failed during the course and looks at student surveys as well as the online learning experience designers recommendations for improvement.

Deliverables include (under construction – more links are coming soon):

  • Canvas 101 Workshop & Learner Guide
  • Online Standards
  • Engineering Online Learning Course
  • Co-Developed Online Processes
    • Online Course Development Kickoff (1 day)
    • Online Course Build and Development (12 weeks)
    • Online Course Facilitation and Coaching (8 weeks)
    • Online Course Debrief (1 day)
  • Coming Soon! Sample of Courses